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Actually I am lazy at reading books, if its not of my interest, and I am interested in reading mostly Ladies magazines and Computer software related books.

I have lack of patience while reading books that’s why, I prefer to go through the main points of the book so that I can understand the whole matter. This actually happens when I read any story book, novel etc, but in case of computer software related book, I like to go through each an every point.

In this way, sometimes I finish the whole book or sometimes I leave half of the book. This is all about having interest actually. If you have interest then you will go through each an every part of the book but if you have not then it will seem boring to you.

The most recent book, I have gone through was one of my course book of MCA final year, in which I have read about theory of computer science, which consists of Turing Machine concept, Automata, Deterministic Finite Automata, NFA, PDA, Context free Grammar and Transition Diagram etc.

Earlier I thought that its a tuff subject, but as I continued reading more and more it has become so interesting to me. I completed the whole book.

Now I am looking for an interesting book in java. Lets see whether I get it or not.

Happy Reading…

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  • 1> I want to complete my MCA successfully.
    2> Wanna get a good job in a good running MNC or govt. organisation.
    3> Wanna work on a really fantastic project.
    4> Wanna live every moment of 2011.
    5> Wanna go for higher studies.
    6> Wanna do something creative.
    7> Yes, I have to complete my pot making.
    8> I have to reduce my weight.
    9> Want to make my husband happy, so that he could never forget the 1st year of our marriage, through out his life.
    10> And last but not the least, wanna learn from each and every moment of this year so that I can spend next year, much much better.
Happy Reading…..

Well first of all I want to say hi to everyone here, I am back. I was engaged with my academics and professional studies, but now I am, little bit free.

Now come to the point, that’s about cheating is okay or not. So I think and according to me cheating is not at all okay for anybody. Its a bad practice and an ill manner. Actually, we should not do any such things which can hurt others in any way. Cheating is one of the bad things, that hurts others, who has been cheated.

I think we all have been cheated, at least once in our lifetime. But we should learn with our experience, so that no one can cheat you in future.

Apart from this serious view about cheating, it also has a funny point of view. It is this, that in exams cheating is sometimes helpful for us. It is not possible for us to cheat all the questions from our bench-mate but if we have learned the lessons by heart and unable to recall it at that moment then cheating helps us in recalling those answers.

No no..don’t think that I have done this in my exams, because I am very much honest and sincere towards my studies. I have written this opinion about cheating because I think so.

Another advantage of cheating is that, it helps in feeding small children, when they did not take there meals properly.

I don’t think that cheating has any other advantage. Ultimately its a bad practice which results in breaking of hearts only. Cheating with parents, wife, girlfriend or any other can cause, the loss in trust.

It is easy to break somebody’s trust but its hard to build trust again.

So don’t cheat, just eat, like me….


Andrea emeleXista

I think, the biggest challenge, that I am currently facing is WEIGHT LOSS in gym. Ha..HA..HA.. Yeah! Its a challenge for me and I am trying to overcome it, by doing lots of workouts at gym, eating those silly foods which I usually hates. And sacrificing my favorite dishes. Boo..hoo..hoo..

But o.k. I can do anything to loose my weight, and to be get slim trim, because I want abs just like shakira……ooooooooooo……


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The Day- Night Beauty of Palace

Well I have not seen any of the famous buildings yet, but I wish to see the Taj Mahal at Agra, India and the Linen Tower of Pisa.

But then also I would like to share my experience of visiting Mysore Palace, which is not very much famous, but its beautiful according to me. After my marriage it was my second trip.

Actually we were on the trip to Mysore, which is in Karnataka, the southern India. We have seen so many places there, some were historical, some were romantic place, and one of them was really unforgettable. Yes, and that is a beautiful palace of Mysore.

It was build around 1912, by an architect named Henry Irwin, and the architectural style was Indo-Saracenic.Mysore palace is now one of the most famous tourist attractions in India after Taj Mahal with more than 2.7 million visitors. Mysore Palace is one of the most beautiful building in India. It is a sight not to be missed when it is illuminated on Sundays and other festivals.

The interiors of the palace is worth a visit, for its spacious halls, paintings, architectural beauty all over. The palace is basically a three storied structure with a 44 meter ( 145 feet ) central tower. Pinkish marble domes adorn the number of towers configured in perfect symmetry.

The first attraction is the Doll Pavilion as you enter the museum. Antiques made of gold, silver, marble , ivory from around the world are on display. Some of them as old as 900 years.

The central portion of the palace is a huge court open to the sky. Beyond is the royal Marriage Hall (Kalyana Mantapa ) , the most awe-inspiring portion of the palace. The five storied tower of the palace makes a majestic dome over this hall.

The walls along the corridors are decorated with oil paintings of royal themes. A host of ceremonies and festivals of the bygone era is depicted in these painting in all its vividness and details.

Wao! It really feels good after watching such a beautiful place. I am having lack of words to express its beauty. You can see its beauty in the picture shown. I have given both the day and night views of the palace. See its beauty and please leave comments, if you also like it.


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Old computers

I have started using computer regularly when I got enrolled for Bachelors in computer application, because there we have to go for computer practicals regularly. As I was already familiar with the computer, thats why sometimes I bunk my classes but then also I was in touch with them.

Actually, i am always curious about computer softwares and their languages. I have learned many languages, like C, C++, Java, SQL, VB, DBMS, RDBMS, Unix, LINUX and so on. But still their are so many languages to learn like PHP, PYTHON, ASP, ASP.NET and so on.

My curiosity had made me to use computers regularly as every day I need the help of this amazing machine. Also because its a magic box for me which can do almost everything, still exceptions are there.

When you look at your computer honestly, and accept the fact that it is magic, everything becomes easier to understand. It's no longer necessary to be well educated about your computer. You don't have to take classes, or buy books, you don't even have to be computer literate. With the proper attitude, anyone can use, maintain, even repair a computer. Just bear some simple principles in mind.

This is the only thing which made me to use it again and again. And now it has became my craze. Yes I am crazy about computers and I can't live a single day without using it. If sometimes for any reason I couldn't be able to work on it, then it seems like something is missing from my daily routine.

Thats why I do use them regularly.

HAPPY READING……………………………….

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History Book

In my lifetime, there were so many such events had occurred. Some were personal, where as some were social.

But the 3 most significant events, according to me were-

1> When I got failed in Maths, for the first time, in class 5th.

The significance of this event was, it made me stronger and made me capable for not to be afraid of failure. I have faced so many failures, but every time I learned a lesson and improved myself to done it better, in the next time.

2> When I got married to a person whom I didn't liked earlier, but slowly slowly as our friendship grown up, I find him as my better half.

3>The event was a social event and thats a big one, when India has won the world cup 2011, in Cricket.

Wao! It was such a wonderful moment, when India got the cricket world cup after such a long time i.e. after 28 years. India has a very large number of cricket fans. It was the time for celebration for them. Indian captain and his team has really done a good job. Hats of to them.


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    It would definitely say,

    ” Please give me freedom.
    I want to live my own life,
    in my own way as you humans use to.
    Please give me a chance to live freely without any boundation,
    without neck band or cage.
    I am born in the lap of nature
    and I want to die on the same.
    Please please forgive me,
    If I have done anything wrong to you and leave me.
    I want to go back to my friends.
    I want to play and run with them.
    Please grant my wish.”

    And you know, I would definitely leave them. As I like an independent life, similarly, I can’t see anybody in any boundation or cage, if not required. Sometimes we use keep any pet just in order to save it from bad environment and to provide it a better living, thats a good thing and I appreciate it, because I do the same.

    I have no pet except some fishes, and that too for the above mentioned reason.
    HAPPY READING……………..

  • Computer Book

    Firstly, I want to know about computers, as much as possible and the second thing, that I wish to knew more is the art writing effectively and grammatically correct.
    Well I am on my way of learning more and more, every day from my life and from the people from my surroundings.
    I have described earlier that how much knowledge is meant to me, in one of my previous answer, you can go through it, by clicking on the given linkhttp://www.plinky.com/answers/131519

    Yes knowledge is the one and only thing I do compete for.
    Another thing that I want to know is about people with strange mentalities. I don’t know when i would be able to do this miracle, of-course that will be definitely a miracle for me, if I would make understanding with such kind of people.
    It would be definitely an achievement for me.

    Overall there are lots of things in this world, which I want to know about. Lets see how much I can cover with my knowledge, before going to that almighty.

    Happy Reading…………….




Three………………………………………….Yes I can speak three languages.
Hindi, English and Bengali. I can also speak Punjabi, but not perfectly.
I am always interested in learning new things. If I get any opportunity to learn any language then firstly I would learn French and my second interest would be in learning German.

There are so many languages in this world, but their one and only work is to convey each others thoughts, views and opinions.

I think there is only one sufficient language, which every one in this world should learn, and that is the language of LOVE. It is the one and only common language, for all human being, because almost every body, in this world can understand this language.

We want Love, We feel Love, We need Love and We should convey Love by speaking the language of Love, just Love, true Love.